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Certified Support Center Analyst and new Home

Wow, I haven’t actually typed out a non photo related entry in a while. Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. First off I just moved into a new place which is exciting. It is still in Athens, but is in a duplex in a quiet area which is nice. I now have two bedrooms one of which will eventually be turned into a photography studio. I like my new place but moving sure is a pain in the ass with all the deposits and getting services setup. It took forever for my property company to install new carpet into the livingroom so I could move in, my charter on-demand has yet to work after a week of service, and I have yet to receive a trash bin for garbage pickup after a week of having trash service. How hard is it to provide good customer service, apparently pretty damn hard.

On another note I have been studying for the Certificated Support Center Analyst for the past couple weeks and finally took and passed the exam. This certification is recognized throughout the world. It used to be called Certified Helpdesk Professional, but once STI and HDI merged they redid the test and changed the name. Basically this exam is on providing customer service by following standards set by HDI. I even get a bonus check for completing the exam 🙂

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