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Bad News Bears

After coming back from the Mastodon show Saturday night (which was awesome by the way) I hooked up my Hi-MD recorder which I had recorded the show onto and went to transfer to my computer. At this moment my computer took it upon itself to restart after which it would not boot completely. After trying […]

RIP Death From Above 1979

This is the sadest day is recent memory, I learned today that one of my favorite bands has called it quits. Death From Above 1979, hailing from Toronto, Canada is a duo with a raw sound driven by distorted bass, keyboards, and drums. I had the pleasure of seeing them three times in their short […]

Interview Followup

I received bad news in the mail, a rejection letter. This is what it said: Dear Michael, I enjoyed meeting you on August 1st during your interview for the IT Professional Associate position in the departments of Comparative Literature and Germanic and Slavic Langauges. I regret to inform you that the position has been filled. […]