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New Photo Search

If you haven’t already noticed I have added a search bar on the top right of photos section, this will enable you to run searchs within the photos section only. So if you wish to find photos from a particular band or venue it is now a lot earlier. The search uses Google’s search engine […]

New Addition to the Family

A few weeks ago I purchased the newest addition to my camera family, the Nikkor 35-70mm f/28D! I purchased it used on eBay where I have actually purchased my last two lenses (I can’t pass up a good deal). I have shot three shows with this lens so far, and I must so I am […]

The Winter Sounds Photo Shoot

Yesturday I had the pleasure of hanging out with The Winter Sounds and having a photoshoot. The Winter Sounds are a new Athens band who just released their debut album entitled “Land of No Output”. This was a new experience for me, this was my first non-live band shoot. I was a bit nervous with […]