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Bit Brigade, Motherfucker, and Karbomb @ Caledonia Lounge – August 26, 2017

Bit Brigade Motherfucker Karbomb Click to see the entire gallery!

Off to Austin, TX for SXSW!

As some of you may know,  I am going to SXSW this year for the first time to shoot some photos for Flagpole.  While I am totally stoked about going, the sheert number of bands playing can be intimidating. Flagpole has given me a list of Athens related shows/parties to attended, but other then that […]

Louder isn’t always better.

Today I was browsing the internet, and came across an interesting article regarding a new (to me) trend in CD mastering. It appears more and more albums are being made as loud as possible when the masterings are done. I am all about music being loud, but when there is clipping out of the “box”, […]

2007-05-12 @ Georgia Theatre

Elf Power / Dark Meat / The Ginger EnvelopeClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-12-17 @ Stan Mullins Studio

Venice is Sinking / Big Gray / Folklore / The Folk Yous / Titans of FilthClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-12-02 @ 40 Watt

Don Chambers / Adam KleinClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-11-16 @ Caledonia Lounge

Cinemechanica / So Many Dynamos / We Versus The SharkClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-11-04 @ The Secret Squirrel

SIDS / Health / Atlas Sound / Better PeopleClick to see the entire gallery!

Bad News Bears

After coming back from the Mastodon show Saturday night (which was awesome by the way) I hooked up my Hi-MD recorder which I had recorded the show onto and went to transfer to my computer. At this moment my computer took it upon itself to restart after which it would not boot completely. After trying […]

We Versus The Shark in the Studio

Joel and We Versus the Shark were kind enough to let me into the studio as they were recording their new EP. They will be recording for a total of 7 days at around 9 hours a day. So far they are two days in and have drum tracks laid out on a few songs, […]

The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower Calls It Quits

The Plot to Blow up The Eiffel Tower just released this bulletin regarding their break up: The Plot regrets to inform you, beautiful Plot-heads worldwide, that this fall tour will be the final chapter in the Plot’s history together. We will be completing this tour and a final San Diego show (not Oct. 12th) and […]

2006-09-22 @ 40 Watt

Architecture in Helsinki / The Blow / Casper & The CookiesClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-09-15 @ Tasty World

Modern Skirts / Megaband / Television BuzzClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-09-08 @ 40 Watt

She Wants Revenge / I Love You But I Have Chosen Darkness / MellowdroneClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-09-05 @ Georgia Theater

Jucifer / The Dumps / PolemicClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-08-26 @ The Drunken Unicorn

MaseratiClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-08-25 @ 40 Watt [I am the World Trade Center’s Last Show]

I am The World Trade Center (Last Show) 🙁 / MaseratiClick to see the entire gallery!

2006-08-12 @ 40 Watt & Little Kings [Popfest 2006]

Apples in Stereo / The Circulatory System / Bunnygrunt / Ideal Free Distibution Col Knowledge and the Lickady Splits /Pegasuses / The Cocker Spaniels Click to see the entire gallery!

RIP Death From Above 1979

This is the sadest day is recent memory, I learned today that one of my favorite bands has called it quits. Death From Above 1979, hailing from Toronto, Canada is a duo with a raw sound driven by distorted bass, keyboards, and drums. I had the pleasure of seeing them three times in their short […]

2006-08-08 @ Little Kings [Popfest 2006]

Vietnam / Russian Spy Camera / Sleepy HorsesClick to see the entire gallery!

Popfest 2006

Tonight mark’s the beginning of Popfest in Athens and will be kicked off by a free concert tonight at Little Kings. The only band playing tonight that I know of is called Russian Spy Camera who I have meant to see several times, but have never had a chance to. Keep the lookout for photos. […]

2006-07-26 @ The Secret Squirrel

Click to go straight to the gallery.Cinemechanica / Wires on Fire / Hi-Rollers / Mouser

2006-07-22 @ The Secret Squirrel

Click to go straight to the gallery.M Coast / Doug Gillard / The Late BP Helium

2006-07-21 @ Go Bar

Click To go straight to the gallery.Engineering / Cold Hands