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RIP Bill Doss

RIP Jerry Fuchs

My heart broke this morning to find out that Jerry Fuchs had passed away earlier this morning.  Jerry was the drummer for Maserati and The Juan Maclean and previously with Turing Machine, !!! and various other projects. I had the pleasure to get to know Jerry over the past three years while he was playing […]

RIP Randy Bewley

Athens is in mourning after the loss of Randy Bewley of Pylon. Randy was a great guy, and whose guitar playing inspired an entire genre, and helped start the great Athens music scene we have today.  Randy was always up for conversations about any topic, and I was fortunate to get to know him over […]

Congratualations Coley and Misto Dennis! 8/23/2008

My friends, Make the Fur Fly, gear was stolen. Help!

This is a repost from Make the Fur Fly‘s myspace bulletin: This is a repost from their myspace bulletin:This is a repost from their myspace bulletin: My 2001 Ford Explorer Sportrac was broken into and stolen this morning. The truck was filled with a lot of goodies. Contents: Boss BRB-60 Pedal Board inside: (2) Boss […]

I’m back!

I am back from a week long vacation in Dallas, TX.  Sorry for neglicating you for so long! I come back a year older, so therefore, a little wiser? Stay tuned for photo updates soon. I have about 6 shows I have to catch up on plus several upcoming shows this weekend.

Certified Support Center Analyst and new Home

Wow, I haven’t actually typed out a non photo related entry in a while. Lots of stuff has happened since I last posted. First off I just moved into a new place which is exciting. It is still in Athens, but is in a duplex in a quiet area which is nice. I now have […]

What’s in a name?

I did a google search on my name, and found this, it kinda freaked me out.

Moo Cards

I finally got tired of not having a pen, paper or sort of business card to give people when they ask where they can see my photographs at so I have been on a mission to either design my own business cards or find a company that let’s me design something my own type of […]

New Addition to the Family

A few weeks ago I purchased the newest addition to my camera family, the Nikkor 35-70mm f/28D! I purchased it used on eBay where I have actually purchased my last two lenses (I can’t pass up a good deal). I have shot three shows with this lens so far, and I must so I am […]

Dinosaur Eggs

Last night I went to Kroger to get some groceries, and while in the produce section I wondering upon a very colorful fruit that I had never seen before. It looked like a plum, but had spots all over it and upon closer look I saw a sticker on it that said “dinosaur eggs” and […]

Board of Regents Interview, Bodies in Atlanta

The past week has been rather busy and tiring for me. Last Tuesday I had an interview with the Board of Regents of The University System of Georgia. They are over 35 universties in Georgia and set the policies and standards of those universities. I was interviewed for a Customer Service Specialist II position. I […]

Popfest 2006

Tonight mark’s the beginning of Popfest in Athens and will be kicked off by a free concert tonight at Little Kings. The only band playing tonight that I know of is called Russian Spy Camera who I have meant to see several times, but have never had a chance to. Keep the lookout for photos. […]

Rainy Night In Athens

Last night was fun, I ended up not going to see the “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” because I found out that some friends had just graduated UGA and were wanting to hang out and celebrate. We ended up hanging out at their apartment and playing Trivia Pursuit : Pop Culture, DVD Edition. […]

Interview Followup

I received bad news in the mail, a rejection letter. This is what it said: Dear Michael, I enjoyed meeting you on August 1st during your interview for the IT Professional Associate position in the departments of Comparative Literature and Germanic and Slavic Langauges. I regret to inform you that the position has been filled. […]

Walt Disney College Program Video On YouTube

Back in 2003 when I did my Walt Disney World College Program I took some small videos with my old 2 MP Olympus camera. I edited the videos together and set it to Refused‘s song called New Noise. I finally uploaded this to YouTube.com where I can share it with everyone. The quality isn’t the […]

UGA Job Interview

As some of you know I have been working at the University of Georgia for six months in a “full time temporary” position as an IT Professional Associate. This basically means I get 40 hours a week with no benefits and a lower pay rate. After interviewing for a full time with benefits position (and […]

Girl Trying to Scam Guys Over AIM

Today I recieved an interesting message out of nowhere from someone I had never spoken to before over aim: SpunkYmolls209: im trying to find somone to help me w/this huge problem im having SpunkYmolls209: u destructionkit: ha destructionkit: what sort of problem SpunkYmolls209: are u a nice guy SpunkYmolls209: whats so funny SpunkYmolls209: hang on […]

Welcome To My Life

Wonder what life is like at my day job as an IT Professional? This will give you a glimpse.

Vegas baby vegas!

Next week I am going on vaction to Vegas! My parents and aunt and uncle are going and my Mom asked me if I would like to. We are staying the the New York New York Hotel & Casino which has a roller coaster on top! I am really excited since I have never been […]

Razr V3 Phone

This weekend I got a new phone! It was time to renew my plan with cingular so I decided to pay a little and get the Motorola Razr V3 phone, I got the black one. It’s a pretty sweet phone, and I love it so far. I “aquired” the software that lets you upload photos […]

Photo Gallery + Airshow + Happy Mother’s Day

After a week of fighting with my photo gallery I think I got it fixed, It only took reinstalling the gallery from stratch after trying everything under the sun with the old installation. If you happen to get a internal error when clicking on a thumbnail to view a bigger image try refreshing your screen […]


Last weekend I went to my parents house for the first time since I moved out two months ago. It was nice to see my family again and get some free food 🙂 While I was home I brought some things back to Athens that I hadn’t bothered taking before. One of these things were […]